Irelia vs teemo


Irelia vs Teemo: See the Best Counters & Matchup Statistics

Counter Kills. 50%. Irelia Counter Kills Teemo ; Champion Kills. 52%. Irelia Champion Kills ; Early Lead Ratio.

Irelia vs teemo

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Nocturne is having an amazing time recently and there are no changes coming in this patch that are going to stop him.; He’s always been dominant in low elos due to his unpredictable playstyle and devastating ganks, but when you partner that with his strong itemization and overall place in the game state it makes him that much harder to deal with. Anyone that has an ability or rune that gives them temporary resistance, try to ult right before the resistance fades. Any ranged matchups stay inside the bushes and just last hit u cant get prio most of the time. You win level 1 vs most of the time. Hard matchups highlighted in red. Hard to get prio vs jax ornn. Latest VODs for "Top" Spoilers Pantheon vs. Aatrox spear_shot / Top (CHALLENGER) 2022/02/28 18:23 IGNITE: can be used vs champs with high potential to life steal (smth like Irelia or Yasuo) EXHAUST: is an easy counter to champions like Sylas who deal a lot of damage, also you can play with Ignite to counter his healing. Counter Kills. 50%. Irelia Counter Kills Teemo ; Champion Kills. 52%. Irelia Champion Kills ; Early Lead Ratio. 40%. Irelia Early Lead ; Comeback Ratio. 11%.

Sin reflejos - TEEMO VS IRELIA | Facebook

26‏/12‏/2021 Learn how to play Irelia in the Baron Lane and find the best Builds you are playing Jungle and if you are facing against Teemo or Jhin . For some tips, despite irelia being flashy with her Q, know that irelia is an I am assuming you are playing top lane as Darius against a top lane Teemo.

Irelia vs teemo

Teemo Counter • The Best Counter Picks Teemo is Weak Against

Irelia vs teemo

vs. Teemo.

vs. Teemo. Overview · Pro Builds · Trends · Matchups & Counters. Top. Teemo. Ranked Solo. Platinum+. For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Irelia vs Teemo solo top?".

The most in-depth matchup stats for Irelia vs Teemo based on 986 matches! See how to counter Irelia at and get more wins. Irelia Top played by Badlulu, #EUWChallenger 585 LPHelp me reach 500.000 SUBSCRIBERS: Irelia Top vs Teemo - EUW Challenger Patch 11.1.

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